Lee Fisher Cast Nets

Making Great Cast Nets for Over 30 Years!

Welcome to the official home of Lee Fisher International, Inc.’s world famous cast nets – the Bait Buster, Joy Fish and Mako series. Each series offers a variety of mesh sizes for different baits such as minnows, greenbacks, ballyhoo, and mullets to name a few. Each mesh size are available in a range of sizes(radius).  Click on the banners above to learn more about each series and what mesh size it offers!

Why Lee Fisher Nets?

Lee Fisher has been manufacturing nets for over 30 years and we’ve gotten quite good at it! We’ve also set our price very competitively and have broad selection to suit all skill levels. Visit your local tackle shop for a demo!

To learn more about cast nets and tutorial on how to throw a cast net, visit our cast net education page.

Bait Buster Cast Net in a Bucket

Humpback Cast Nets