Lee Fisher Cast Nets

Lee Fisher International, Inc. is a leading provider in quality commercial fishing supplies since 1982. Based in Tampa Florida, we warehouse a huge selection of monofilament, nylon, and polyethylene netting material, ready to ship anywhere in the US & Canada. We also make the best cast nets in the world; Bait Buster, Joy Fish, Mako and the all new premium Humpback series. Our nets range from economical to professional grade, meeting all levels of budget and skill.

Throughout the years, we have expanded to commercial crabbing, sports netting, and sports fishing. For crabbing, we now carry everything from supplies to finished crab traps. In sports netting, Just For Nets was formed to manufacture custom made sports netting products such as batting cages, backstops, windscreens, etc. for the vastly varying need of high school, university, club, and personal use. We then entered the world of sports fishing, with Ohero Fishing. Ohero offers a line of spectacular casting and spinning rods, premium braided line, 100% fluorocarbon leader, and tools that focus on high performance and unmatched value.