Lee Fisher Cast Nets


Available mesh sizes: (to buy choose a mesh size)


Heavy duty swivel on Joy Fish cast nets

Heavy Duty Swivel

We use commercial grade swivels that will withstand far more weight than the cast net will ever need.

Lead line from Joy Fish cast nets

Sinks Faster with Heavy Weight

With 1.25 lb of lead per radius foot used, every Joy Fish cast nets sinks like a rock! This allows less bait fish to escape, maximizing your catch. Note that each lead piece is secured to lead line with nylon twine to prevent slippage.

Limited Liability Warranty

We guarantee our net free from defect on workmanship and material. Exchange or refund will be allowed before putting the net into water if there is any defect. Once the net gets into water, we are not liable to any claim. Please inspect the net carefully before putting it into water.


Type Minnow Bait Menhaden Mullet
Material 0.23 mm Mono 0.28 mm Mono 0.40 mm Mono 0.52 mm Mono
Weight 1.25 lb per radius foot
Color White Blue White Blue
Target Bait Minnow Sardine Menhaden Mullet