Lee Fisher Cast Nets

Bait Buster Cast Net - 5/8" Sq. Menhaden Mesh (1.5lb/ft) with 4" Tape

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Our Bait Buster Cast Nets are designed for avid anglers who require a durable heavy-duty cast net to help them catch bait! Built with 5/8” square mesh for large bait catching. Offered in various sizes from 5 ft. to 12 ft. that suits all your needs.

 *Limited 30 Day Warranty. Free Exchange For Any Manufactured Defects.

Bait Buster Bait Cast Net Features:

  • Real lead at 1.5 LBS per radius foot, allows the net to sink extremely fast
  • Patented DRAGON HEAD swivel prevents tangling, throws better, and can easily be fixed when needed
  • Each lead crimped to lead line to prevent movement, prolonging the life of nets
  • Heavy 100 lb test braille lines to close net tightly
  • 6-panel design
  • High quality strong and durable material
  • Hand crafted workmanship
  • Packed in a heavy-duty 3.5-gallon bucket 


Mesh 5/8" squared (1-1/4" stretched)
Material 0.40 mm Dia. Mono
Color Clear Mono
Target Bait 6"~18" Bait
Radius (ft) 6,7,8,9,10,12
Dragon Head Yes