Lee Fisher Cast Nets

CHUM RING, a chum dispenser distributes cut bait, chum, scent to attract fish to your spot

CHUM RING, a brand name of patent pending design chum dispenser.

**Works with frozen bait, live bait, chum, attractants.

**Heavy duty PVC meterial last for long time in fresh or saltwater use

**Stainless steel swiverl helps to avoid tangling.

**Cutting slot cuts fish or bait into chunks without needing cutting board

**Bottom ring allows to change preferred weight based on depth

**Bottom four holes allow user to attach sabiki, rig, troll line for catching bait and fish

**4" opening, 6" or 9" deep for large quantity of bait or chum for long time.

**15 ft rope on 6", 30 ft rope for 12" to tie off to boat or pier

**Great for fresh water, saltwater fishing to attract fish to your spot

Note: Knife, weight are not included as shown on the picture